Martin Weiss Sinti Jazz Ensemble
Miro Drom

RR 10296

Super violinist Martin Weiss virtually connects any kind of music with his own tradition: modern Jazz, Valse Musette, Latin, Hungarian Folk, flavored with fun and melancholy.

„Apropos the violin: it doesn't only play – as is generally known – a decisive role in Jewish music but also in the music of the Sinti and Roma. One who is able to handle this instrument most virtuously is Martin Weiss, nephew of the so well known Hänschen Weiss. Together with Tschabo Franzen (g) and Andre Loos (b), Martin Weiss (v) presents a music that belongs to the very best of Sinti-Jazz at all.”
(folk-michel 1/79)
Martin Weiss - Miro Drom

  1. 01   Minor Swing
  2. 02   Ziganotschka  Ziganotschka
  3. 03   Valsari I Rea
  4. 04   Honeysuckle Rose
  5. 05   Black Orpheus
  6. 06   Romeno Baschepen
  7. 07   July Night - I love you
  8. 08   Summernight Dream
  9. 09   If Only Eyes for you
  10. 10   Schuka Tschai