Martin Weiss Sinti Jazz Ensemble
For all my friends

RR 10997

A dedication for all those who have accompanied, inspired, and challenged Martin Weiss on his way to become a virtuoso on his violin. Apart from the title song written by himself, the disk is a selection of pieces by his „fellow artists” (Porter, Jobim, Reinhardt, Lakatos), which can be almost called traditional.
Special guest: Anička Fečová: Gesang
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  1. 01   szeps a rozam  szeps a rozam
  2. 02   manoir de me reves / daphne
  3. 03   mro jilo pharo dukhado  mro jilo pharo dukhado
  4. 04   les feuilles mortes
  5. 05   ungeticki gilli
  6. 06   meditation
  7. 07   what is this thing called love
  8. 08   tu dschajal  tu dschajal
  9. 09   for all my friends
  10. 10   devla, devla / odoj tele nevy chanik /tasja palo dilos
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