Karsten Troyke
Shuloym Alaykhem

RR 11999

The Old Yiddish Songs

As he does in his concerts, Karsten Troyke presents the whole spectrum of Jewish music, which is much more than Klezmer: folk songs, political songs, songs from Jewish „Operettas” made in the USA, but also Hebrew songs, Jewish swing and tango – serious or cheerful or even both at the same time.

Troyke is accompanied by his longtime fellow musicians Götz Lindenberg on the piano and Trio Scho who, together, stand for this very special swing.


Tracks and Prelistening
  • 1  Shpil Mir Nokh Amul
  • 2  Buda-Pesht
  • 3  Bai Mir Bisti Shayn
  • 4  Grine Bleter  
  • 5  Bulbes
  • 6  Di Katerinke  
  • 7  Shuloym Alaykhem
  • 8  Di Mezinke Oysgegebn
  • 9  I'm Crazy Far She
  • 10  Dus Epele, dus Epele
  • 11  A Raidale
  • 12  Der Rebbe Eli-Melekh
  • 13  Ven Ikh Zol Dikh Farlirn
  • 14  Tumbalalaika  
  • 15  Ikh Vil Zikh Shpiln
  • 16  Di Bleter (Autumn Leaves)
  • 17  Pot-Pourri Fin Yiddishe Tangos
  • 18  Oifn Veg  
  • 20  Di Furst Avek
Press Reviews

„I have hardly ever heard Jewish songs interpreted so charmingly and brilliantly, and, at the same time, without any pathos.
(Jüdische Allgemeine)

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