Karsten Troyke
Jiddische vergessene Lieder

Karsten Troyke
Photo: Renate Zeyn

(Forgotten yiddish songs)

RR 12097

Unpublished Jewish songs, recalled by Sara Bialas and transferred from her memory into music by Karsten Troyke. In this way they both keep a piece of Jewish culture from oblivion. In the booklet, you can follow Sara's life story on the basis of the songs. The songs are arranged according to Sara's recollection of the sound of the songs from her early days. They are filled with the melancholy of Polish-Russian soul together with some Klezmer elements, performed with a big shot of staginess.

Special guest: Bettina Wegner.

Karsten Troyke in Concert
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  1. 01   Surele
  2. 02   Budapescht
  3. 03   Zwischen Goldene Sangen  Zwischen Goldene Sangen
  4. 04   Neschumele di meins
  5. 05   Asoi miss es sein
  6. 06   Ein Ballade fin tserissene Schich
  7. 07   Seht nor dem Alten
  8. 08   Dort bei'm Brinnele
  9. 09   Mein Weibel Klare  Mein Weibel Klare
  10. 10   Mamenju oi Mamenju getraje  Mamenju oi Mamenju getraje
  11. 11   Di furst Awek
  12. 12   Zwischen inds beide
  13. 13   Schluf schoin Kind main
  14. 14   Schaininke Blimelech
  15. 15   Dus Äppele, dus Äppele  Dus Äppele, dus Äppele
  16. 16   Der Gassn Singer
  17. 17   Effen Effen Effen, Hanntchele
  18. 18   Matuschka Rossia
  19. 19   Jiddisch Tango
  20. 20   Popuri fin alte jidische Lieder
  21. 21   Mein Alte Heim
  22. 22   In Tfisse
  23. 23   Treblinka
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