Jens-Paul Wollenberg & ex.ces
Zahn um Zahn

An eye for an eye

RR 16605

An homage to the French poets and all the unad-justed of all ages. Jens-Paul Wollenberg, the powerful-voiced master of the different chanson, also called „Folk-Bukowski”, an artist „full of anger and love” is presenting himself.

He – together with the rough-and-ready Leipzig band chelesta (ex tacheles klezmer company) – formed up the (multi-culturally inspired) group ex.ces.
The name is the program: Here grooves together what does not belong together.
Jens-Paul Wollenberg & ex.ces - Zahn um Zahn Raumer Records Shop


  1. 01   Der Schnitter  Der Schnitter
  2. 02   Zahn um Zahn
  3. 03   Die alten Bäume
  4. 04   Exzess am Galgenmast
  5. 05   Der Kreuzschatten
  6. 06   Bastard  Bastard
  7. 07   Rendezvous in Einzelhaft
  8. 08   Ich hab' mich in dein rotes Haar verliebt
  9. 09   Als angebrochen war die Zeit
  10. 10   Mein neues Testament
  11. 11   DejaVillon Multiple
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