Schnaftl Ufftschik

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In their fourth album, Schnaftl Ufftschik once again enjoy straying through the ample fields of World Music with their typical and thus inimitable brass sound.

Irish brass music – Greek sirens – Turkish accordion – Ukrainian pandeiro – virtuoso, yet all the more driving bass lines on the sousaphone – each solo is furioso, being supported by irrestibly swinging grooves.

What is delighting, is the versatility of Schnaftl Ufftschik and their absolute devotion to playing the music of 21st century Babylon in an tremendous variety of styles.

Their new album is characterized by fresh arrangements of traditional songs and persuasive compositions that leave all musicians plenty of room for passionate performance.
Schnaftl Ufftschik in Concert
Schnaftl Ufftschik - strayaway

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  1. 01   Kasap  Kasap
  2. 02   Schnaftule & Uw(e)tschik
  3. 03   Strayaway Child  Strayaway Child
  4. 04   Misirlou
  5. 05   Zilberne Khasene
  6. 06   Die 12 Cellos
  7. 07   Entoderweder
  8. 08   Trein van 7.40
  9. 09   Oriental Leticia
  10. Bonus Tracks:
  11. 10   Kolomeike Audio*  Kolomeike Audio
  12. 11   Kolomeike Video*
  13. * Live-Mitschnitt aus dem Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei Berlin
    „10 Jahre Schnaftl Ufftschik”