Ouranio Taksidi


Greek world music

Journey to the Sky

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Debut album of a group of Greeks living in Berlin. The music is a mixture of traditional Greek music and modern influences. Dance rhythms encounter melancholic ballades – an extraordinary musical event.

The album is a fine example of modern Greek „singer-songwriter music”: Rembetiko and other traditional melodies, rhythms and modes of instrumental arrangements form the musical base of their songs; built on that sound fundament, however, their compositions harmoniously integrate more „Western” musical elements – the classical-universal violin, violoncello and piano, a touch of Spanish guitar, a taste of smooth jazz saxophone and even the distant roar of an electric guitar are blended in subtly, with every song nevertheless maintaining its very Greek sentiment and expression.

The main instruments played by Anonimi: tzoura, baglama, lute, acoustic guitar and Greek percussion instruments). But thanks to a number of excellent guest musicians there is also a great variety of instruments from traditional Greek and modern World Music to be enjoyed: bouzouki, accordion, piano, Flamenco guitar, electric Guitar, violin, violoncello, piano, double-bass, saz (a Turkish lute) and saxophon.
The Greek musicians of Anonimi grew up in Berlin, and most of the guest musicians came to „Multi-Kulti” (multi-cultural) Berlin from abroad, too, so the recording process is a true reflexion of the character of the music: „Greek World Music made in Berlin”!

Kostas Christodoulou – vocal, tzoura, baglama, lute
Nikos Finanidis – guitar, lute
Leonidas Adamidis – percussions, baglama
Anna Kalfa – vocal
Odysseas Sariannidis – bouzouki, tzoura
Jiannis Sariannidis – accordion, piano
Carlos El Canario – acoustic-guitar
Elena Soudnitsyna – violoncello
Andrej Soudnitsyn – violin
Andras Tiborsz – double bass
Nevzad Akpinar – saz
Uwe Dohnt – saxophone

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  1. 01   Paparouna
  2. 02   Tha mou pis Tha mou pis
  3. 03   Korona gramma
  4. 04   Krawji
  5. 05   Masi sou
  6. 06   Galazio pathos
  7. 07   Tesseris epoches
  8. 08   Karagiozis
  9. 09   Ouranio taksidi
  10. 10   Apo ton Olympo psila
  11. 11   Ise tou iliou i fotia
  12. 12   Pseftiko taksidi
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