Mark Aizikovitch
Gori, Gori – Leuchte, mein Stern leuchte!

Ukrainian and Russian songs

RR 15302

Accompanied by the „dynamic duo” Konstantin Nasarov & Nikolai Yavir, Mark Aizikovitch presents a selection of famous traditional songs: Shine, my star, shine! – one of the most popular Russian romances tells us about the star that belongs to every person and when he/she dies, the star continues to shine above the graves.
So we find songs about love and sorrow, about mockery and drunkenness that help to forget and describe the bitter loss. His Ukrainian songs take us into the world of Big Mama Russia.

Marc Aizikovitch – vocal
Konstantin Nazarov – piano, vocal
Nikolaj Javir – guitar, vocal
Alexander Babenko – violin

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  1. 01   Kum aher du filosof  Kum aher du filosof
  2. 01   Moroz
  3. 02   Gori, Gori - Leuchte, mein Stern leuchte!
  4. 03   Korobuschka
  5. 04   Tschom ti ne prischov
  6. 05   Tschorni jasi tschorna
  7. 06   Ja vstretil was
  8. 07   Dorogoj dlinnoju
  9. 08   Emigrantenromanze
  10. 09   Eoj, tschijto kin stoit
  11. 10   Rosprjagajte, chlopzi koni
  12. 11   Postareli
  13. 12   Echal Zigan  Echal Zigan
  14. 13   Smugljanka
  15. 14   Bida mange  Bida mange
  16. 15   Jamtschik
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