Der Singende Tresen

RR 16505

Tracks and Prelistening

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Closing-hour music

On this debut album by the young band with Manja Präkels you will find selected songs out of the Tresen-programs „Der etwas andere Heimatabend” and „Freier Fall für freie Bürger” („Free Fall for Free Citizens”).


The lyrics already appeared in 2004 in the so-called „Tresenlieder”-book as the (East-) German answer to the „Chanson Realiste”, which are amazingly successful in France. Manja Präkels sings, (aspirates) whispers, and roars her socio-critical texts about youngsters, every-day racism, or alcoholism – once satirically, once angrily, once beautifully sadly. Driven by the clarinet, the band does the rest.