Der Singende Tresen

Der Singende Tresen
Photo: Steffen Freiling


Closing-hour music
RR 16505

On this debut album by the young band with Manja Präkels you will find selected songs out of the Tresen-programs „Der etwas andere Heimatabend” and „Freier Fall für freie Bürger” („Free Fall for Free Citizens”).
The lyrics already appeared in 2004 in the so-called „Tresenlieder”-book as the (East-) German answer to the „Chanson Realiste”, which are amazingly successful in France. Manja Präkels sings, (aspirates) whispers, and roars her socio-critical texts about youngsters, every-day racism, or alcoholism – once satirically, once angrily, once beautifully sadly. Driven by the clarinet, the band does the rest.


  1. 01   Lied der Barfrau
  2. 02   Heimkehr
  3. 03   Die alte Straße
  4. 04   Das Fest
  5. 05   Blues vom hundsgemeinen Leben
  6. 06   Siebzig weise Greise
  7. 07   Dies ist ein Liebeslied
  8. 08   Komm Bruder
  9. 09   Der Mond
  10. 10   Dies ist der Erde Nacht
  11. 11   Pestilenzia
  12. 12   Lied von der entwendeten Jugend
  13. 13   Freier Fall
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