Jean-Pierre Morkerken
A Bientôt Grand Jacques

RR 11497

Grown up in Paris, his heart beats for French chansons, especially for those by Jacques Brel.
In his interpretations, Morkerken shows his respect for Brel's work, but he also wants to go back to the chanson in its originality.

Accompanied by Trio Scho, with Gennadiy Desyatnyk (violin), Valery Khorishman (accordion), and Andreas Krumwiede (double bass), the singer takes you into the world of bistros, street cafes and saloons in his straight and passionate way.

Jean-Pierre Morkerken - A Bientôt Grand JacquesRaumer Records Shop


  1. 01   Voir un ami pleurer  Voir un ami pleurer
  2. 02   Le tango funèbre
  3. 03   Madeleine
  4. 04   Les vieux
  5. 05   Jaurès
  6. 06   Le bon dieu
  7. 07   Les timides
  8. 08   Les bourgeois
  9. 09   Vesoul  Vesoul
  10. 10   Jacky
  11. 11   Amsterdam  Amsterdam
  12. 12   Le plat pays  Le plat pays
  13. 13   Ne me quitte pas
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