Katjusha Kozubek & Mario Triska Ensemble
Pashi Jag

RR 15504

Roma songs, gypsy songs and romances

Songs of the Sinti and Roma – passionately interpreted by Katjusha Kozubek and the musicians of the stirring Triska ensemble. As a guest, you will hear Marinel Sandu from Romania playing the Cymbal(s).

Pashi Jag – on the bonfire – the well-known songs of the Sinti and Roma were created – traditional songs as they were and still are sung and played in families, on parties of joy and mourning.


Tracks and Prelistening
Musician Katjusha Kozubek – vocal
Mario Triska – violin, guitar, percussion
Roger Moreno – accordion, guitar, vocal
Jan Hallema – bass, percussion, vocal
Marinel Sandu – cymbal

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