Gagarin Brothers
Twist behind the Iron Curtain

RR 18209

Tracks and Prelistening

The Gagarin Brothers who developed from an insiders' tip of Moscow's scene clubs into a cult band, are now ready to take the Western world by storm as cultural ambassadors.

With their style between Twist and Rockabilly, markedly influenced by Russian pop songs, the Gagarin Brothers revive popular and undeservedly forgotten melodies of Soviet entertainment music from the Fifties and Sixties. The quintet around the singer Alexej Sekatskij with his voice between Elvis and Utjossov, having proved itself in the concert halls of Moscow and St. Petersburg, now presents a virtuosic album recorded without overdubs. The melodies oscillate between unfathomable melancholy and exuberant joy driven by intoxicating rhythms.

Western experts discover with surprise: there was dance behind the Iron Curtain!