all about time

RR 13198

The musicians from Ireland collected pieces of traditional Irish music and recorded them during a tour in Berlin. They play the songs of their fathers and grandfathers, songs that have accompanied them since their childhood: „Rollicking reels, jigs and songs in the true spirit of the traditional music of Ireland.”

Mick Conneely – violine
Brendan Boyle – accordion
Adrian Burns – guitar, vocal
Svend Kieldsen – bodhran

„...ErrisLannan is a very good traditional Irish music band, and they have made with All About Time a fine album. For lovers of the pure tradition of Ireland this is a hidden secret ...”
(Christian Moll, FolkWorld)
Errislannan - all about time

  1. 01   Sporting Pitchfork
  2. 02   Belles of Tipperary
  3. 03   Carrickfergus
  4. 04   Carolan's Cup
  5. 05   Tom Sullivan Polka
  6. 06   Cup of tea / Peter Street
  7. 07   Schooldays Over
  8. 08   Moving Bog / McGettrick's
  9. 09   Stack of Barley /
  10.        Little Stack of Wheat
  11. 10   The Water is Wide
  12. 11   Ollistrum Jig
  13. 12   Jack Coughan's Fancy /
  14.        Christmas Eve